BM Glitter Finish

BM Glitter Finish

Benjamin Moore

  • from $24.99

With the glitter effect, tiny specks of reflective material in the finish catch the light, adding a whimsical twinkle to rooms or painted furnishings. It can be applied either as a transparent topcoat over any painted surfaces, or as a veil of sparkle on walls or craft projects.

Because it dries to a clear, durable, washable finish, our glitter topcoat is ideal both for children's rooms and for objects such as chairs and chests. It can also lend an elegant, ethereal quality to more formal settings, such as the walls of a dining room.

Available Colors: Clear
Sheen: Eggshell
Cleanup: Soap and Water
Resin Type: Vinyl Acrylic Latex
Recommended Use: Interior
MPI Rating:
VOC Level: 118.0

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