Benjamin Moore 2020 Color of the Year

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Introducing First Light 2102-70, Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color of the Year! With added pressure to represent the beginning of a brand new decade, choosing color of the year was a complicated task. This new decade brings infinite possibilities and offers a fresh palette, a new perspective, and a spirit blooming with potential. The paint professionals at Benjamin Moore managed to expertly choose an exceptional color to inspire us during 2020, and we can’t wait to see which creative direction it takes us.

"A refreshing alternative to white or beige, First Light 2102-70 is a soft, airy pink that flatters any space and plays well with other colors.”

- Ellen O'Neill, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Bright, subtle, poised. First Light is the perfect color to push us into a new era, as it embodies light and freshness through its elevating tone. Use it to revitalize your space with a modern feel that uplifts and motivates. It encourages without being pushy, and reminds us to take a deep breath and engage with the present. Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Light will bring an airy, light vibe to your home and encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the goodness around you.

Blending Fresh Light

Benjamin Moore’s 2020 palette will calm your soul. Offering ten harmonious hues of the 2020 Color Trends, this perfect combination of colors plays well together and offers pairings that can liven your home. From “playful periwinkles that animate” to “earthy greens that anchor,” each will rejuvenate both your space and your spirit. 

Purely Peaceful

First Light illuminates your home with the promise of opportunity, combining both softness and strength. It reminds us to show kindness and patience as we work toward our goals, and encourages us to focus on the brand new opportunities this decade will bring. Its airy hue shows subtle strength as it awakens the soul. Displaying raw authenticity and a peaceful, kind nature, it is refreshing and inspiring, just like the first light of a new day. 

However you choose to add Fresh Light to your home, the expert design team at Sarasota Paint will help you achieve your creative goals. Shop with us and begin creating your dream atmosphere.

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